The Secret to the Law of Attraction

does the law of attraction work

There has been a long standing debate amongst people regarding the working of the Law of Attraction. Only a chosen few believe that the law works. Whereas majority believe that it revolves around probability. What is your take on it? Does the law of attraction work for you? We reveal an amazing angle to you. Stay tuned.

Problem with the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction examples that they have shared in the video are beyond imagination and untrue to say the least. ‘The Secret’ has done more harm than good to the society. The people who are following ‘The Secret’ are only implementing what is convenient to them, leaving aside the crucial aspect. Why? Because that is how the book is written / the video is developed.
The contributors behind ‘The Secret’ have marketed their work in a way such that more focus is kept on imagination and less on action.

Law of Attraction Tip – Destiny Tuning Technique

To begin with, we need to change our attitude. We should realize that the law of attraction doesn’t work on external things, objects, situations and people. The greatest law of attraction tip is that it should be applied on ourselves. We should apply it on our actions. The outcome of any task, which we will execute in our life-time, is not in our hands. We should not focus on success or failure. Both are temporary. The focus in your life should be kept solely on the action you take and the situations that you face in life.
Next, you must buy Manifestation Miracle. It’s an eBook created by Heather Matthews. Its central theme revolves around the concept of destiny tuning. As per Heather, destiny tuning is the answer to the issues that people are facing in the entire process of the law of attraction. I give my highest recommendation to it. Applying this technique, your life will be more abundant and prosperous.

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