Missing Ingredient in the Law of Attraction

destiny tuning method

Having a complete understanding of the law of attraction will virtually guarantee you success in almost all spheres of your life. Having a good hold over the foundational steps of this law is the actual secret. Most people are clueless about using this law. So, it’s truly a secret for most people. We will give you three tips to unlock the mystery behind this secret so that you do not struggle.

Tip 1 – Clarity in Intentions: Destiny Tuning

Setting vague intentions is primarily the worst start (to this law of attraction process) that can be done. It’s said that “as you sow, so shall you reap”. This is the Universal truth. So if you set vague intentions, you will generate vague results. Therefore, set your intentions with clarity. Be specific in what you ask the Universe. Take full responsibility of your actions. For example, if your intention is to “have a lot of money”, then specify the exact amount, the exact time frame and write it down.
The destiny tuning technique as described by Heather can greatly benefit you in this entire process of setting your intention. Since it’s the basis of the entire process, hence you must make ALL efforts to master it.

I recommend two products for you:
– Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews,
– Having It All by John Assaraf

Tip 2 – Visualization

Once you have set an intention, the next step is to visualize it on a daily basis. The process of visualization is very powerful. Visualization can either make or break you. But don’t be mislead by this simple step. Don’t waste time on it. Focus on action.
Visualization is merely one side of the coin. The other side is action. Napoleon Hill talks about taking decisive action on any task that you pursue. Most people get stuck at this (action) aspect. They merely visualize all the time, set non-specific intentions, make big dreams, reach nowhere and get frustrated. And they end up abusing the law of attraction.

We strongly suggest you to ensure that your basics are clear so that you may achieve great heights of success. Have a look at this video below.